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Don't waste time & money on poor invoice scans, blank documents, or pictures of your user's dog. Our free API is the first step in your document workflow that asks the most basic question: Is this shit even a doc?

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The First Step In Your Workflow

Good Doc Bad Doc comes in right when your user submits a document. This allows you to reject documents with missing text, direct documents to a human if readability is poor, and intelligently route documents using key term search.

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  • The fastest API in the industry with a maximum response of under 10 seconds.

  • Accurate text readability scores and multiple
    key term search for intelligent routing.

  • Easy to use single line API or email integrations. Check out our docs for more details.


Up to
1000 Documents
per month
  • Access to API or Email document validation
  • Industry leading response time of < 10 seconds
  • Document legibility scores
  • Search up to 10 key terms per document
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